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saturngirl82 12-14-2015 02:41 PM

97 Saturn sputtering Help!!!!
I have a 97 Saturn 5 speed with 123k.
I don't know much history on the car.

I started sputtering during acceleration about 10 days ago and having a hard time starting. I would have to turn it over 3 to 4 times.
Yesterday the ses came on and the code was p301.

Here are all repairs we have done to the car.
New starter, plugs and wires, fuel filter.
Yesterday we did a fuel pressure test. When turning the car to run it would go to almost 50 psi and as soon as the pump shut off the psi would go to 0. We put a new fuel pressure regulator in it last night. This didn't help the issue at all.

Any suggestions?

goaliemo 12-17-2015 05:28 AM

Sorry about the late response. Work is driving me crazy. haha

Anyway, welcome to the forum!

That is a misfire code by the way. What plugs did you put in? S cars are extremely sensitive to what plugs they use.

Did you check the alternator?
Engine ground for corrosion?
Fuel pump fuse?

Hopefully Derf or sc2sick chimes in, they know a bit more about s-car's. But that is where I would start.

sc2sick 12-17-2015 09:19 PM

Making my usual rounds of the Saturn forums

Replace your coolant temp sensor. It causes majority of issues on these.

Next pull the plug wires off the coil packs, clean them up and check for corrosion. Pull the coil packs and hit the back of them with sandpaper just to clean them up. It's 1 plug and a few 8mm bolts.

Next pull the injector fuse under the hood and have someone crank over the car while observing spark on each of the 2 packs. Do this one pair at a time. Don't touch these unless you enjoy a sensation that feels like a taser. Look for odd arcing that might indicate one of the packs is cracked.

If nothing else works get a good code scanner that lets you view live sensor data and make sure all your sensors are reading right. Especially look at the O2 sensor and Intake Temperature data (intake temp never throws a code for me when bad)

derfderf 12-21-2015 01:07 AM

first of all, I agree with both responses above.

Does it have an SOHC or DOHC engine (pop the hood, it says so on the top cover of the engine (valve cover)

What is the rpm at idle?

If it is an SOHC, buy a can of carb cleaner and spray around the area where the intake manifold attaches to cyl 1 (closest to the serpentine belt).
If you hear a change in rpm when spraying, your intake manifold is sucking air in and causing Cyl 1 not to fire properly---which means you would need to replace the intake manifold gasket.

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