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Staxman 08-11-2014 07:57 PM

Ecotec oil change
I plan to change oil in my new í03 L200 in the near future, partly to have a baseline for future changes and partly to be sure thereís synthetic in there. I have a few questions:

This is the first car Iíve owned that tells you when the oil needs changed. If synthetic oil works as advertised (and I think it does), will the system sense this and wait that much longer before telling me to change oil?

Iím thinking of getting one of those pumps that draw oil out thru the dipstick tube. For once, ďsuck it upĒ doesnít have bad connotations! I understand that with a pump like this, the plastic tube needs to have a clear shot down to the bottom of the pan, with nothing in the way. Do you foresee any problems?

On the chance that I decide to change the oil before getting an oil drain pump, does the drain plug get a crush washer? Iíve looked over oil filters at the store, and they donít come with a crush washer, so I assume not, but Iíd like to be sure. Thanks!

goaliemo 08-12-2014 02:39 PM

you may have to reset the oil light when you do the change.
as for the other two questions, I am not sure.
oh, and admin said an L Series spot will be made soon.

Staxman 08-12-2014 04:38 PM

Oil change

Originally Posted by goaliemo (Post 464272)
you may have to reset the oil light when you do the change.

How do I do that? Good to hear about the L series spot!

goaliemo 08-12-2014 05:33 PM

From Owners Manual:
How to Reset the Oil Life System
The GM Oil Life System calculates when to change your
engine oil and filter based on vehicle use. Anytime your
oil is changed, reset the system so it can calculate when
the next oil change is required. If a situation occurs where
you change your oil prior to a Change Engine Oil light
being turned on, reset the system.
After changing the engine oil, reset the system by
performing the following steps:
1. Turn the ignition key to RUN with the engine off.
2. Fully press and release the accelerator pedal three
times within five seconds.
If the Change Engine Oil light is flashing, the
system is reset. The light will flash for up to
30 seconds or until the ignition is turned off.
If the light comes on again and stays on for 30 seconds
at the next ignition cycle, it did not reset. You will
need to reset the system again

Staxman 07-19-2015 07:02 PM

Ecotec oil change
I ended up getting a Liqui-Vac oil change pump. Long story short, it didn't work out very well, and I ended up having to have my garage change the oil anyway.

Has anyone had good experiences with another brand of pump that sucks the oil out through the dipstick tube?

From what I can see, there just isn't enough clearance to crawl under the car to change the oil, as I've done with my past cars. Unless I can find a suitable pump, I'll have to keep having my garage do the oil changes, or else get the front end of the car up on ramps or jack stands.

goaliemo 07-19-2015 11:09 PM

I have never used the vacuum style oil thing.
It just seems easier to jack the car up and undo the oil pan bolt.
Even ramps would be good. Shops just cost to much.

derfderf 07-20-2015 06:52 AM

ramps ramps ramps.

I've never even heard of suctioning it out through the tube. Plus if there is any debris (mircometalshavings) they'd be at the bottom if not suspended and you would never get them out. You may not get them all out, but you'll get more. Plus most drain plugs nowadays are magnetic so as to attract and capture metal debris in the oil.

Oil change notification
As far as I know, from my recent discussions at Ford about my '14 Escape, the oil life monitor in today's cars is nothing more than a mileage-driven notification light. No refractive index, viscosity or oscillatory flow birefringence measurements........

It just counts miles

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