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DJK 04-21-2016 03:27 AM

08 Saturn Outlook power steering quits under 1500 rpms
Hello, I have an 08 Saturn Outlook XR 2wd that recently when rpm is at low speed (under 1500 rpms) power steering quits working. This is a MAJOR safety concern because most turning is done under 1500 rpms; like turning, parking, backing up, etc. After checking online, it sounds like GM has known about this problem for a very long time, yet they haven't acknowledged it. Just on this discussion there is another 08 Outlook that is having the same problem. The fix on that one was a new steering column, steering bushing, rack and pinion, and power steering pump. This is an expensive repair, and extremely dangerous condition. I feel that GM should take care of this problem and pay to have it fixed since it is a major safety concern. This is my wife's primary vehicle to drive our children around in and I'm concerned for their safety.

Now I am stuck paying for a vehicle that I can not drive safely, and faced with an expensive repair bill. I am VERY disapointed in GM for not recalling these vehicles. Can a GM consultant please respond to my concerns?


derfderf 04-21-2016 06:52 AM

Recalls are not the only way car manufacturers attempt to address issues that appear often in certain models over certain years due to use of identical parts and assembly procedures.

These are called CSC's -- Customer Satisfaction Campaigns -- where the mfr acknowledges the issue and provides extended service/warranty coverage for certain batches of vehicles by VIN.

The $64K questions are how did they come up with the VIN ranges and is yours included


included for completeness below, this one has been revised to the 2nd one above:

And there are no GM consultants monitoring us -- this is an independent vehicle owner-driven forum

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