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Lillian 11-29-2016 10:56 AM

Want to upgrade 2006 Saturn Relay Sound System
I am trying to upgrade Saturn Relay 2006 sound system and I found the one seicane S018724W which seems can help me well, however, I am not tech savvy and don't know how to get started. Anyone has done this before could try to offer some hins to me here? I am really grateful for this.

derfderf 12-01-2016 04:21 AM

I think your best bet is to stop by your local Chevy dealer, maybe buy some overpriced spark plugs to use later, and ask of they could print you out schematics of the dash and how to disassemble all the trim n such.

NOTE: the Relay is a re-badged Chevrolet Uplander, so if they don't have access to Saturn documentation, they should certainly have access to the Uplander literature.
I checked the Seicane site. If you look at the pictures for the unit you specified, there is a singe trim piece that surrounds the head unit. If you look at a front-on picture of just the head unit, it has a bracket on each side set back from the front panel that is used to attach it to the vehicle. The key is getting the trim piece off without breaking it.

I doubt you need any adapters to plug in the power connector as it is a single use GM model, but call and ask before ordering.
General Stuff

---I find it interesting that nowhere does it indicate if the unit can play CDs ---or if it is limited to usb and I pod style inputs. Most DVD players can play CDs but you never know without asking.

---It is unclear to me if the nav program is static and if it ever can be updated. If not, the GPS is likely 10 yrs out of date.

---This model also does not have a built in XM tuner, so you'll need to use the AUX port or Bluetooth it from your phone. The built in Bluetooth technology is also 10 yrs old.

----Most troubling is that I can find NO SPECS on the unit regarding max output, distortion, total # of speakers (assuming more than 4 for a van) supported. My point being you need to be VERY careful that you are not purchasing a head unit that is of the same audio quality or WORSE than the one you have now.

Aftermarket is NOT always better. There is some real crap out there.
Bang for the Buck

The most improvement you'll get for your money if you're not trying to build a driveable vibration generator with a 600W AMP and 16" Subwoofer is----in my opinion.................

a nice set of speakers. Most stock head units have surprisingly OK range for what they are. A nice set of speakers with clear tone, especially bass and midrange, will do wonders for the sound of your system. I have a 4 set of low end Polk 6.5" speakers in my 97 SC2 and the head unit w equalizer, and I have no need to spend another dime because the sound is wonderful FOR WHAT I NEED IT TO BE.

No matter what route you take, be SURE your head unit has an equalizer built in or you WILL be disappointed since the freq responses will not be adjustable and you will be kicking yourself in the face.

I understand that you have limited aftermarket choices; however a head unit w 10 year old technology may not sound much better.
Custom Install of "Universal" head unit

Do not rule this out as an option!! You get up to date technology and likely better sound. True audio installation places have many different ways to configure non-direct plug n play in your vehicle that look nice and are professional. You pay extra for the installation but it is worth it. This is not a Best Buy installer job. Take it to a reputable audio shop. It'll probably be their 1st and only Relay head unit upgrade, so be patient and let them scratch their heads as to how to do it so that it comes out nicely.

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