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Clinkerclint 01-28-2018 06:11 AM

Which computer do I use?
Hi guys and gals. I'm new to the site and look forward to learning a lot from you all.
I have a 98 SC1 auto with a twin cam motor and auto trans from a 96 SL2 in it. At first, I tried running the 98 computer but the trans didn't like it. Put the 96 computer in it and the car runs and drives fine but I have no cruise and no fuel gauge now.
Ive been looking at computers on eBay and none of them specify sc1 or sc2. Only MT or AT. Do both motors run the same computer? Is there a computer I can use in my car so I can have a working fuel gauge and cruise again?

Thanks so much for the help in advance.

alordofchaos 02-16-2018 05:52 PM

Take the instrument cluster from your 1996 SL2 and put it in your '98 SC1. That should get your fuel gauge working.

For cruise - did both cars have cruise?
If the '98 had cruise and the '96 did not, you just need cruise turned on in the 1996's computer (PCM, or Power Control Module). You'll need to take it to a dealership. Call around, as prices can vary from $45 to $150 or so.

If the 96 had cruise but the 98 did not, you will have to bring the cruise module under teh dash (connected to gas pedal) over. See this video

well, I don't have enough posts to put a link up. Had to break up the URL - take out the spaces and combine the URL


Buying a PCM on ebay will be hit and miss, and probably waste a lot of money. The PCM is not the problem. But . . . you have to have a DOHC PCM to run a DOHC engine, and a SOHC PCM to run a SOHC engine. Each has separate fuel mappings.

A manual trans PCM has no idea what to do with an auto trans so the car will never shift. You can put an auto PCM in a manual trans car, but it will throw transmission codes (check engine light permanently on). Car will run, but fuel maps will be off - you will feel this as slight hesitation when teh car thinks it is shifting gears

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