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Default 08 Saturn Outlook power steering quits under 1500 rpms

Hello, I have an 08 Saturn Outlook XR 2wd that recently when rpm is at low speed (under 1500 rpms) power steering quits working. This is a MAJOR safety concern because most turning is done under 1500 rpms; like turning, parking, backing up, etc. After checking online, it sounds like GM has known about this problem for a very long time, yet they haven't acknowledged it. Just on this discussion there is another 08 Outlook that is having the same problem. The fix on that one was a new steering column, steering bushing, rack and pinion, and power steering pump. This is an expensive repair, and extremely dangerous condition. I feel that GM should take care of this problem and pay to have it fixed since it is a major safety concern. This is my wife's primary vehicle to drive our children around in and I'm concerned for their safety.

Now I am stuck paying for a vehicle that I can not drive safely, and faced with an expensive repair bill. I am VERY disapointed in GM for not recalling these vehicles. Can a GM consultant please respond to my concerns?


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