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Thanks again for your fast response but none of that helps me. Do you know where the chime module is physically located in a 2009 Saturn Aura XR? I've searched many sites and YouTube videos but no luck with finding the location for the module. I couldn't even get a part number from GM that was specific, their site simply listed 'modules' with no meaningful description of any of them. I will keep looking and will let Saturn Spot know if I find what I need to know. Thanks again for the willingness to help me. I'm a senior citizen and a new owner of this Saturn and have no background with this vehicle. I'm finding out there are lots of electrical problems with them. I've had it for two months and am experiencing intermittent random door lock problems and I've had the electric power steering stop working while wife was driving. After turning off ignition and sitting for a few minutes then turning it on again it has been OK..(it's only been a few days). She won't drive it anymore.....There is a recall for that but my vehicle doesn't fall within the range of VIN numbers to qualify for fix which is about $1100 to have done if I choose to repair it......
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