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I understand your frustration regarding me not being able to provide you the location of a physical chime module.

Please understand that there may not be a physical Chime unit like we are accustomed to seeing.
From owner's manual 3-55:

Notice: The chime signals related to safety belts,parking brake, and other functions of your vehicle operate through the radio/entertainment system.
If that equipment is replaced or additional equipment is added to your vehicle, the chimes may not work.

Make sure that replacement or additional equipment is compatible with your vehicle before installing it.
See Accessories and Modifications on page 5-3.


Also from Owner's Manual 3-92

Chime Level Adjustment

The radio may be used to adjust the vehicle’s chime level.

If the radio can be used to change the volume level of the chime, press and hold the sixth FAV softkey with the ignition on and the radio power off. The volume level changes between Normal and Loud. The selected volume level appears on the radio display.

Removing the radio and not replacing it with a factory
radio or chime module will disable vehicle chimes.

Based on the fact that you had 6 presets I'll assume it is the factory radio

The text in bold pretty much indicates (to me) that the vehicle chime sounds are produced IN the stock Saturn Radio upon request from the BCM (Body Control Module).

The above statement says you lose all chime functionality if you do not use the Saturn radio.
What puzzles me is the phrase "IF the radio can be used to change the volume level". Sounds like some radios permit adjustment, some don't. Maybe related to GM changing radio suppliers during 2009. The newer radios might not allow for Chime Volume adjustment.

But there may be another way to do it. I do not know what that is.
Which pretty much leaves the left front speaker, the radio itself, or another unknown entity as the only other culprits.

Have you thoroughly tested the left front speaker and the rest of the audio system? Turn on the radio and turn the balance all the way to the left and the fade to the front. Then crank some music. If the speaker acts up then it has failed and is likely the cause of the quiet chime. This is apparently common in these cars. If it sounds fine and is equal in volume to the right front speaker with the balance in the center, then the speaker is not the issue.


Based on the fact that you have a 6 Preset saturn radio and the adjustment procedure does not work as advertised, I think it may be an issue w the radio. Does the rest of the radio function properly?

If you have a newer 2009 radio, I have no clue how to adjust chime volume.


If your left front speaker works properly I would suspect the radio.

In any event CALL a Certified Saturn Service GM Dealership, and CALL the service manager and describe the problem in detail. Have the VIN ready, as he can probably determine if your chime volume is adjustable or not.

If it is he'll indict the radio since the vol adjust menu entry sequence doesn't work. It may just need to be reprogrammed/recalibrated. Dunno.

The answer does not seem to be out on the net for your exact issue

This is the best I can do.

Stop pulling your hair out and just make the call.

Given the amount of time I've put into researching this, I'd really like to know the outcome -- so please come back and post the resolution.


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