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No problem sir.

The Aura was a newish Saturn creation. Each Saturn model (S, L Ion, Aura, Vue, etc) has its own quirks and usually significant differences in how certain functionality is achieved.

The S cars did not have a BCM until 2000 (launched in 91)
The L cars had crap for BCM's (hardware and/or software) and fail at a miserable rate.

And so on down the lines.

I have read many posts regarding electrical issues with the Auras which is a shame since the reviews on the car were great.

I think the ESC and Stabilitrak were traced to out of spec manufactured cams, which, when they moved too much, would set off a chain of events that lead to the disabling of those two systems. There was absolutely nothing wrong with either

Cars today are certainly not like the ones I'm sure you enjoyed working on.

By eye.
By ear.
By feel.
By experience.

Back when people would replace the brushes in alternators and generators.
Back when all the accessories in your 68 Continental were vacuum driven.

I need to learn how to rebuild a carb from my brother in law so the art will live on with at least one person.
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