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Pretty sure the Saturn SL was manual everything only.

95 did not have RKE as an option to the best of my knowledge but I may be wrong.
97 did b/c I have it.
I'm thinking it came along w the 2nd gen Saturn Coupes and Sedans, which would have been 96 for the SL series 97 a and up for the SC coupes.

With the SL still manual everything if it was still offered.

So those are some approximate answers

Pretty sure the batteries are the universally available CR2032 round disc batteries. Cheaper at Walmart.

Note: If you have a functional set of innards for a 2nd gen Saturn remote but the case is broken, the GM RKE case at AUtozone does NOT fit. I'm sure there is one that does fit, but not the one usually up by the checkout counters.
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