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ckp (crank Position Sensor)

any SES codes?

Marginal CKP often goes open circuit when hot -- wound coil inside w break in it expands and the coil physically separates at the break. Open circuit. No spark, no fuel inj pulse = no run.

Check CKP connector pigtail for corrosion, integrity and tight fit.

Does it stall reproducibly (like after 12 +/- 3 minutes, when temp gauge gets to a certain identicalish spot, etc? Meaning is there a pattern more specific than just warmed up? (not being sarcastic).

Check the CKP wiring at the ECM cor corrosion under the contacts where it attaches. May be losing continuity of the circuit if the electrical connections are poor.

Is battery being run down?
Is charging light on?

If you start it in the driveway and just let it run, will it eventually stall and become unstartable until cooler?
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