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Originally Posted by ghfromva View Post
My 1998 Silver Saturn SC2 was rear ended. A lot of the parts are almost new. I replaced a number of parts in the last few months.

A remanufactured engine with only 30,000 miles since install. SOLD

Most all electrical parts (ignition module, ignition coils, spark plugs, spark plug wires, sensors, relays, etc).

A new clutch, pressure plate and flywheel installed 3 months ago. SOLD

Low mileage tires on alloy wheels

New Sunroof - if your sunroof doesn't work or leaks this will fix the problems

New shifter cables

New Battery - 3 weeks old

Almost New Front sway bar

Exhaust system two months old

Spoiler - two years old. Silver SOLD

A Blue Ox tow system - baseplate BX3310 SOLD

Blue Ox Tow Bar with cover and cables


Front Bumper cover

A lot more parts available.

Do you have the hinge for the passanger door?
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