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Default Custom Lighting Kits

Hey guys!
Been rolling this around in my mind for a few months, and I've decided to toss it out there.
I've been looking at buying a huge order of LEDs to make some exterior/interior lighting kits for our cars.
Kits would come complete with switches, dimmers, all wiring, soldering, plexi-work, etc done for you.

Depending on how many LEDs are used, and what kind of stuff you want with it would determine the price.
But if it was a full kit for <$80, who all would be interested?

I'll also be having some circuit boards printed for me, but my dad will do most of that stuff, he's an electrical engineer, and loves that stuff XD
I'll be making a custom switch interface for various places in the stock dash. IE, if you got an SL2 with without power windows, and you got that stupid little nook thingy there, I'll make a nice looking panel to put there, with lit-switches on it. should be nice. I can fog, tint, or diffuse the plexi for it too if you want.
And, I can even get my dad to program some logic controls into an IC, we could have lots of fun with those...

I'm looking at doing a full underglow kit. Probably about 40 LEDs. But they'll be set in plexi/custom runners, and angled for best performance. I MIGHT set them in a sorta plexi surround or something, with some work on light diffusion, but I need to see how much a bulk order of the stuff I need will cost. . .

As for exchange, I'll be doing anything people want.
But basically, I don't know what kind of things people will want done.
what are the popular lighting mods, that are annoying to do, that i could market a mostly plug-and-play solution for. I'm talking underglow, accent lighting, interior, etc. Anything you guys want done, I can probably do, but I need some ideas. The best products come from consumers after all.

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