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Default Paint care impressions

OK, I've got a 1997 red SL2 stick. The paint had it's usually scratches swirls and that 'bumpy' feeling that pretty much every car has unless it's new. I thought it looked good, but I wanted better. So I went out and raided pep boys after doing some research on meguiars/mothers websites.

Got a clay bar system, Scratch X, show car glaze #7, and mothers pure paste carnuba wax.

The clay bar lifted ALL surface containaments off of the surface and now it's smooth as glass (except for paint chips). Definately sold on this product.

Scratch X followed that up. It is garenteed not to leave more scratches than what it takes out. And if it can't take it out, then a pro w/ a rotory buffer will have to do the work. I applied to coats of this to the entire car, and I can BARELY see any of the scratches (and you really have to look for it). Buy it.

Meguiars show car glaze #7 followed that up. Gave it a real nice depth and shine. Buy this stuff. Darker colors will notice more of a difference than lighter colors.

And finnaly, Mothers pure paste carnuba wax. Goes on easy, gives you tennis elbow taking it off. But, the surface is SO slick that it's sick. Water sheets off immediately. Paint is definately protected for a long time.

All and all, buy these products. Meguiars makes all of it except for the wax.

And now I've gotta chip in on washing a car, I see soooo many people do it wrong and scratch the paint that it makes me cringe.

Get a lot of terry cloth 100% cotton towels. By a lot I mean at least 50. Should carry 'em at Pep Boys. Make sure they're soft and have decent nap in 'em. These are an investment. I can not stress this enough. Have plenty, you'll need 'em. Also get 2 laundry baskets.

Then get a CLEAN 5 gallon bucket that's never had dirt, ect., in it. Pour in about 5 oz. of meguiars/ mothers gold car wash. This is the best I've found. Genarics work, but these are awsome products. Shoot in a steady stream of water and mix up the water.

Toss in a couple towels. Use one towel to clean the roof and toss it in the empty laundry basket. DO NOT RE USE ANY TOWELS!!! If you do, weather the surface seemed clean or not, there WILL be dirt caught in the towel. And if you use it again on a different surface, you'll just be dragging that dirt across the surface and create scratches. Only use a towel once per panel. Never put it back in the bucket. Dirt will contaminate the water and the rest of the towels.

Rinse off the suds and continue to wash the rest of the vehicle in the motion as described above.

Once completed, move the car inside a garage or under a tree to get it outta the light and reduce the chance of sunspots forming. Dry off the car in the same manner as you did with washing. You have 2 laundry baskets, one for ditry and one for clean towels. DO NOT confuse them, ever.

That is how to clean/dry a car CORRECTLY. It is next to impossible to scratch a finish like this. Also, when the towels are washed, use the presoak setting and extra rinse. Only use liquid soap, and never softener (it contains oils that will cause the towels to streak when trying to dry/wax/polish/ect. Once in a blue moon is fine, but not all the tiem), and only use bleach when needed.

For your rims, I have found nothing better than simple green automotive. It foams and stays on your rims, won't hurt the finish, and kicks butt. Once you have used a towel for rims, NEVER put it back with the rest of your regular towels. All that brake dust will never come out and will get dirt in the rest of your towels. That towel is now only for rims. Nothing else.

For waxing/polishing/surface prep, use an applicator pad. It spreads the product much more evenly. To buff, use a seperate terry cloth towel. Once used, put it in the dirty basket. Never mix up the pads you used for surface prep/polish/wax. Your results will be comprimised since product will probably remain in the foam inside of the pad.

I know it sounds really anal, but that's how you wash a car without scratching it. I see so many people use a single sponge for the whole car, including rims, then a chamios for the whole car, then ***** about scratches. PREVENTIVE MAINTNENCE PEOPLE!!!! That's the way to keep scratches away and keep 'em from coming back. Please follow my instructions. You'll find that the results are deffinately worth it.

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