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Default 2004 ION-3 Cranks longer before starting

Hello All,
I have a 2004 Saturn ION-3 Quad Coupe with the 2.2L engine and a little over 81.5K miles on it. Last week the car started cranking longer before starting. By longer I mean where it used to crank for a second before starting it now take 5 - 6 seconds of cranking before starting. It's a strong crank and the battery is 13 months old so I do not suspect a battery or starter issue. It never fails to start and remains running with no issues afterwards, no rough idle or poor performance. The temperature does not seem to make a difference, although it has not gotten very cold here yet it acted the same in our 45F morning as it did in our 80F sunny afternoon.

While doing some research into the issue I found a thread that I can't post a link to because I'm new here but the thread id is 16160, titled "Random long crank times"

I tried turning the car to "on", I waited and could hear the fuel pump come on and then turn off, then the car started as it used to, approx one second of cranking. I don't even have to do anything like on and off five times, just on, wait for pump to stop, car starts. That thread kind of dies out but what does this mean, bad fuel pump, fuel pump going bad, leak in the fuel line somewhere? I don't smell gas when I start and there's nothing leaking.

Any help is appreciated.

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