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Default Re: 95 saturn not getting fuel can anyone help?

Originally Posted by chevyman82181
ok its got pressure and spark not getting a signal. i tested it with a noid light i thought pcm but it still is doing the same thing. what now it fires up if i put gas in the intake then shuts right off im thinking ect or crank postion sensor whats everyones idea willing to try almost anything thanks guys. can u test the cps where is it located how many wires comeing off of it. thanks guys. need to get this thing going tomorrow hopefully

You are confussing things with multiple posts of the same concern with not all the info. Large sigh from me, I answered your other post andnow this one hase more better info. Ignore the other one because with the info from here it is wrong.

Even the info here is confusing.


You have fuel pressure.
You have spark.
You have the engine cranking.

For sure:
You have the engine running on gas direct into the intake.
You have no injector pulse as testedwith a noid light.

Have you checked the fuses? Especially the fuel injector fuse (s). If that is good then have you checked the wiring harness to the injectors?

The crank position sensor is good if you have spark and the egine will run. The ECT sensor will not shut down injector operation.
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