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you r right on with everything. i got fuel pressure. i got spark and the engine is cranking. its starts with gas directly in the intake and runs for a second. i get nothing with the noid tester.. checked fuses that was the first thing i did. after i new it wasn't getting gas. ok i tested the injector wire with a multimeter the wire is getting 12 volts? i grounded out the one side to the body and the other side was on one of the wires did that with both wires and they both get 12 volts?? should that be is it poss. does it matter what noid light i use will they all light up or do they diffrent volts. do u have any good idea what could cause it? i wouldnt think the harness would be bad if i get power to the injectors just no pulse. should both of the injector wires have power to them that dont seem right??
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