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Default MAJOR CHANGES TO SPOC - voice your opinion!

Well, I've decided that the only way to see changes for the better in SPOC as a whole is to move forward with some and see if anyone throws a fit, since I've had trouble getting opinions before I act.

So, here are some changes I've made for now:

-closed down inactive chapter forums. Unless a group of people get all up-in-arms about something being closed, it will stay that way until it can be reorganized. I hope to archive these forum sections instead of deleting them, since there is a lot of history of SPOC contained within. I don't know yet if I can do this.

-renamed the active forum sections "SPOC-(fill in blank)" It seems like no one refers to any of them as "club south" or whatever, it's always "SPOC-South" or simmilar.

-renamed the clubs section from "clubs" to "Saturn Performance Owners Club (SPOC)" Just seemed appropriate, since the only non-SPOC section closed from inactivity.

*edit* -de-sticky'd any threads in the remaining SPOC club sections that seemed no longer relevant

Here are some upcoming actions I am strongly considering:

*edit* Done with "Regions"-re-carving the states into clubs. Existing, active clubs would likely (though not necessarily) stay as they are now, and states without active clubs carved into large, multi-state territories, and each of these large territories given a forum section. SPOC-North has seen good success by having multiple states. There are a couple clusters of people that get together more often than others, but as we're seeing in our upcoming meet, it's also possible to plan a very large meet and get people to travel considerable distance. It's also easier to keep good leadership in fewer clubs.

-a national website This would help give SPOC more credibility on a national level, and help point members to the right SPOC chapter so they can get involved. Chapters would probably be able to have their own web space on the national website, though it probably wouldn't be required.

-establish some rules I don't think SPOC needs many rules on a national level, but a few guidelines on leadership activity, and how changes are to be made. There might also be some suggested rules for the chapters, but I'd prefer to see the chapters remain pretty independant from the national level of the club

-keep member rosters nationally This is one I'm less sure about, but I know it's helped North to have an active, regularly updated roster, with a method for cleaning out inactive members. This would probably be something offered to the chapters, but not required.

There you have it - what has happened, and may happen soon. PLEASE let me know if you agree or disagree with any of the above, or if you have any other ideas or suggestions. This is NOT my club, I am only acting in order to see it grow & become more reputable and stable. If any of the current national leaders would like to step up and say or do something, it is MORE than welcomed!

Everyones thoughts?

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