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ah, cg, the mystery is no more. Thank you for sharing.
Sounds like spring or summer would be better indeed, though I miss driving in crazy snow out in wisconsin where I lived for 7 yrs going to grad school.

But they had the equipment to keep everything clear-ish unless it was a whiteout/blizzard. And you learned never to let the car come to a complete stop if you could avoid it -- momentum is your friend. I also learned the virtues of testing your car out in a huge parking lot when snowing so you know pretty much exactly what it will do in real life driving. Saved many a situation with the gas pedal. Only one 360 in 7 years -- 2 lane road, going too fast, fishtailed, overcorrected, reovercorrercted, and around we went. I steered and gassed it just shy of the curb.

Damn am I off topic.

I was in Nashville a few months back and tried to meet up w Rube but we couldn't make ir happen. I fear he will move to Florida long before we get the road trip together. Not saying he won't come............

And cg, I knew you were not from the west coast both by intuition and by the way you speak/type. I was guessing New England. Close but no cigar.
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