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I am quite jealous you have a 2.4 Ion.

You will need to do the internals, as yours are only good to about 225ish, give or take, depending on tune.

300 would be a lot more realistic with a turbo. But the supercharger route will get you pretty close.
Although, if youre building the motor, a tvs 1320 will get you about 350.
If you use the stock Ion Redline supercharger set up, with a built motor, you could easily see close to 300.
You would need most components from the Ion Redline/Cobalt SS/SC anyway, such as the intake mani, intercooler, heat exchanger, boost bypass, solenoid, alternator, belt, etc.


You can get a full kit from ZZP for 3k I believe. Although it may just be cheaper to buy a wrecked car so you have everything there.
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