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A. Do not double post please
B. This is a swap GUIDE, not a swap "I have a question" thread ---and goes up to 2002 = S cars only . DOES NOT COVER IONs
C. Please remove

No I am not some random holier than thou a hole telling you what to do. I helped our long awol mod goalie keep this place organized and alive for 3 years. I mod another sat forum, so while I cannot directly delete this post, I can have it removed rather easily.

I am also the guy who grabbed this info from elsewhere and put it in the first post

I'd rather ask you to do so than have to waste everyone's time taking care of it.
I'll also have him lock this sticky (oversight)

97 SC2 ~253K

95 SC2 ~235K +/running-- "All in the Family"

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