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DRL indicator: Possible bad solder joint or corroded bulb socket in the instrument panel.

The next time it doesn't come on when it is supposed to, give the top of the dash repeatedly harder thumps with your open hand and see if it has any effect.

I had forgotten all about the e-brake switch that is part of the circuit and inhibits the DRLs. I would open up the area, find the contacts for the switch. See if the switch mounting is loose and check the DC V across the switch open and closed. Then wiggle the connections and watch the dash.

Get the hi/lo pressures checked. This could be an OVERPRESSURE situation too, where the compressor is building pressure, there is a restriction in the system, the pressure gets too high and trips the hi pressure cutoff.

The urgency in testing this is high, since if the compressor internally fragments from the pressure, you'll have another nightmare because you'll have a purportedly brand new system full of metal and you likely cannot flush the condenser (knowledgeable AC folk know this).

Go get your invoice for the work performed and list here on the forum the parts listed as replaced. I wouldn't be at all surprised if your original compressor was distributing metal shavings as it approached death, and one or more lodged in a part of the system that is difficult to flush. And that part never got replaced. Only real explanation other than faulty hi lo press switch for that specific of a problem to travel on through the repairs. Or like I said, AC clutch may be weary and connecting/releasing...
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