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Originally posted here:

Wow. What a beat down project. Not sure anyone is even reading/looking at this forum anymore, but just in case (and like I promised), I'll let you know how it went. I had originally purchased just the guide rails. Like all the other forums I read said..if you hear the clicking noise when you try to open up the sunroof, the motor is fine. So I bought the rails and installed them. Turns out my motor was bad as well. Got a new motor off of eBay for $40. Installed it and tested out the sunroof - wouldn't go up on the left side. Pissed! I'm decent with tools and installing the guide rails took 9 hours. So punishing.

I called Rick from Sunroof Doctor with the intention of pleading with him to send me the entire sunroof module and somehow reimburse me the $150 for the rails I purchased by me returning my old module with the new rails (which I installed) with it. Before I could explain the situation, he interrupted me and told me he would refund me the $150 and send me the brand new module for $200 as I long as I return the old module. I received it in 2 days and installed it in less than 2 hours. I returned the old one to him with a prepaid label he sent me.

My advised to you (whoever is still reading or interested) the entire module right away. It's 1000% easier and comes pre-installed with the new metal rails and pre-greased. The most difficult part was remembering how to put the headliner together after a couple weeks of my car being disassembled

Here are a couple pictures of before and after:

Please message me if you have any questions! I'll be more than happy to answer anything.

People often assume that us Saturn loyalist own these cars because we can't afford anything else. Not true. I've recently bought my wife a brand new Ford Escape but I absolutely love my 2001 Saturn SC2 a lot more than I ever imaged I would. It has 160,000 miles on it but have never had any issues and plan on driving it for as long as I can. Fixing the sunroof only adds to my overall love for this car.
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