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Default No more threads about performance chips on ebay.....

If you're looking for a performance chip for your saturn, you can end your search right here. There are no performance chips for saturn. The "chips" or "piggy backs" or whatever other name these things are being called on EBAY is a rip off.
Originally Posted by satyllac
It will just richen your mixture, it sends a lower voltage to your ECU, telling the computer that it's getting colder air than it really is, thus adding more fuel to compensate for the "colder" air, trying to achieve a stoichiometric mixture. I wouldn't pay anything for it. Not worth the money or trouble, buy yourself some beers or sodas instead.

Originally Posted by my99sl1
a buddy of mine bought me one and all it did was activate the SES light
Originally Posted by goldiegoldie97
mine cost me 10 dollars shipped and was a resistor taped to a piece of paper with lots of typos and said 'Intake Risistor Fuse MOD Saturn Ford', i promptly tossed it in the refuse bin
Save your money pple. With that being said, please do not make another thread about any performance chips you've found on ebay. Theres already about 15 of them now. thanx

*Edited Addition* -satyllac

Here's some info I found on why you shouldn't mess with anything that tries fooling the computer into giving it more fuel than it needs.

Originally Posted by Innovative Motorsports
A rich fuel mixture (too much fuel for the amount of air in the cylinder) can cause an engine to “load up” at idle, foul the spark plugs, and also lack power or run sluggish...An optional method of checking air fuel mixtures is by using a wide band oxygen sensor installed into the exhaust header, the wide band oxygen sensor is read using a digital air/fuel meter. The unit that I have had the best results from is available from Innovate Motorsports. This method looks at the oxygen/unburned combustibles in the engine’s exhaust and then the unit supplies an air/fuel mixture reading; the readings are very accurate...

Traded my ion for '07 silverado crew cab
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