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Speed Mafia
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Default SMT-6 Perfect Power Group Buy!

Hello Everyone,

I have an excellent opportunity for people looking for an outstanding way to tune their Normally Aspirated or Force Inducted 2.2L Engines. Its called the SMT-6 from Perfect Power.
We have a SMT-6 on a Turbocharged 2.0L Tiburon and let me just say it works fantastic (also this is the same box that is used on the Alpine Turbo kit)! It has the ability to modify the MAP & MAF voltage which enables the user to replace the stock injectors with larger units for more fuel. The SMT-6 also has the ability to Control up to six additional injectors for even more fueling demands.
In addition to fueling duties the SMT-6 has the ability to modify the Crank Shaft Position sensor signal going back to the OEM ECU. Why is this important you ask? Modifying this signal allows you to add and subtract timing depending on your needs. If your goal is a high HP Normally Aspirated engine then you can add timing to account for high profile cams and make even more HP and Torque! For forced inducted vehicles you can subtract timing to keep harmful detonation at bay. SMP is now testing 4 injectors in the new 2.4L Intake Manifold so those running forced induction will have an injector per cylinder! This will be released soon enough and will be tested shortly!

Enough with my sales pitch. The thing works great! On to the deals!!

The MSRP of the Perfect Power SMT-6 is 425USD plus shipping.

My proposed Group Buy for 5 members is 350USD SHIPPED!

This is a savings of over 80USD! Included in that price would also be a good running base tune for N/A or F/I vehicles. Also if you want to install the SMT-6 in the Engine bay I'll extend the harness wires for FREE! Other Perfect Power dealers can charge upwards of 75USD just for putting a base map on the unit.

But wait! It gets Better! If I can get 10 members willing to participate then I'll knock another 25USD off the price!

This GB will end 10/31/07 so act soon.

Full Payment Required to Participate. Perfect Power requires bulk orders of 5 or more units so once 5 people have paid I will order the units from Perfect Power.
I Accept money orders and paypal for payment. Paypal ID is

List of Participants:

First 5 Buyers:

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