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Default 4 cylinder Aura to become availiable: non-hybrid XE-4

For the 2008 model year the Aura will come with a four-cylinder engine in the XE-4 model. The XE-6 will also be made with the same standard 3.5-liter V6 it did last year. There is also a hybrid version of the Aura called the Green Line.

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hmm, better for gas mileage but i'll bet not many people will like the "umph" that is missing from the 4 cyl, especially after test-driving the v6

btw, did u read that the green lines are not going to be considered "hybrids" come 2009? there are some stricter standards coming into play in the next few years that require the fuel cells to be a certain percentage of the overall power and emissions limitations will push the green line vue out of the "half/semi-hybrid" category soon
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The Pontiac G6 has been equipped with the 170HP four cylinder for a few years, and the one in my dad's car seems just fine.
ION II 5AT with 2.5 inch stainless exhaust piping, Magnapack resonator, and Flowmaster Hushpower muffler.
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*Posted to Headlines*
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Default transmission

I want to get an Aura with a 6 speed automatic transmission, but I would rather get the 4 speed if it means getting a smaller more fuel efficient engine.
What do I need more horse power for driving to and from meetings? I'm in no hurry.
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