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Default More powerful hybrids coming

I was just reading a story in the news about Saturn coming up with new hybrid technology that's supposed to be more powerful and more efficient. They expect to start rolling the actual vehicles out in 2010.

Set to debut in 2010, GM's next hybrid system will be an upgrade to the current hybrid which is available in only three GM models in the United States. The company's new hybrids will deliver three times more power using lithium-ion batteries instead of the current nickel-metal hydride batteries. In addition to delivering a more powerful boost during acceleration, the new hybrid systems also will increase fuel economy and provide brief electric-only power.

I hope it's as good as the make it sound because Saturn is projecting sales of 100,000 which is a huge increase over the less than 20,000 hybrids they are currently selling.

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I agree, most of the hybrids that they came out with were pretty bad and costly to run. I hope that these hybrids don't require so much work to use. I wonder if they plan to have a backup plan for when a driver is without electricity?
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The 2009-2010 vue green line will have the new V6 Dual hybrid system in it. Its suppose to get 50% better gas mileage (maybe 35-40 mpg highway?) than the current V6 (25 mpg highway right now) and retain the 250 hp and torque of the current model. Also if your 30 mph or lower with the new Hybrid system it uses electric power only. My car is paid off next year, this is going to be my next Saturn.
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Default What's the price?

I love that they are coming up with better hybrid systems. We need to concentrate on reducing emissions and saving on fuels. However, what is the price of the new cars coming out with this technology? Until the costs come down in line with the traditional cars, you won't find widespread use of the hybrids. Sad to say, most people will only do the right thing for the planet if it doesn't cost them anything or inconvenience them in any way.
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I think it depends on where you live. I live in NEW England (Maine to be exact) and I see tons of hybrids. There are two on my small private road alone. That's 2/12 which is a pretty good ratio in general, but there are plenty when you get into a broader area. I know when hybrids were first introduced in America to the general populous they were mostly marketed on the coasts but are starting to be sold all over equally. I know my Saturn dealership can't keep them in stock more than a week an sells closer to sticker than any other model except maybe the Skye. There are also numerous tax breaks offered by states and insurance companies.

I think the new hybrids sound great. Can't wait to test drive one. As for what you do when without power:the same thing you do for your home. Suffer or buy a generator that's powered by gasoline or something else. If the outage is that bad you won't be driving much anyway.
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New and improved hybrids are great to see, but I can only hope that the price will keep coming down as they perfect the technology being used.

There are many of people who would love to have a hybrid if only the price was a little lower, and the cars are proven to be reliable in the long run.

They would definitely sell more cars at a lower price point, and that much is a fact.
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