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Default XR HVAC question

Is the HVAC system supposed to chose either fresh air or recirculate mode when the car is started?
Mine always starts with only the AC button lit. I have to manually select either recirc or fresh. Both modes alter the sound and amount of air flow from the vents.

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Most cars go back to a default when started. Yes both mode will alter the amount of air being forced out of the vents, again thats normal for every car on the road. If it did not work that way on your old car, then it was not working properly
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yeah, he's right, the recu. will be louder and have more volume of air. All manufac. are diff. when system is shut off, on your ? about the position of recur. or fresh air. us recuirculate when you window are up and you want really cold a/c or heat. if windows are open fresh air mode will flow better and work more efficiently than recuir. cuz its not trying to recuirc. the hot/cold air outside by pulling through the down windows. In all actuallity though, you dont wont to be pushing a button on and off everytime u roll the window down, LOL, fresh air will work fine. But if you cant get as cool as you want in summer, press recuirc. If any questions just ask, Im a MACS certified A/C technician, along with other certs.
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