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Default 2 Questions on Cabin Filter and ION Model

I have a 2005 ION Sedan and have no clue whether it is a ION1, 2 or 3?
How can you tell?

Now the cabin filter question...I found this when I googled it 05 2005 Saturn Ion 3 Cabin Air Filter - Air Intake - NPN - PartsGeek

Is that the right one or do I want a higher quality one? $10 seems way cheap when shop wanted to charge me $70 to change it out and I declined.

Thanks in advance!


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The 1, 2, 3 levels are for trim/options. So the bigger the wheels, the better the options then the higher it is. I don't know the levels well engouh to say for sure beyond that.

The cabin filter is likely OK. Most of the 70$ would be for labour to change the cabin filter.
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I have a 2005 Ion-2 manual, it has 16in wheels, power windows and sunroof, cruise control, 6 disk mp3 radio.

I just did mine and my wifes cabin air filters not too long ago, bought them at the dealer, about 20 a piece. Its like a home air conditioning filter without the cardboard around it. The dealer will charge you 70 to change it out including the filter and it takes less than 10 minutes if your are even slightly mechanical, no tools required, so do it yourself.
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