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Default AEM Uego Wideband Air / Fuel Ratio Gauge

I want to order and install a aem uego wideband air / fuel ratio gauge on my 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged 2.0L ecotec, but am wondering if it is really worth it? Has anyone here installed one yet? If you could include pictures that would be appriciated.

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Is the car stock? Do you have any way to tune it like HP tuners? If the car is stock and you have no way to tune then your esentially paying $250 for a AFR gauge that can only tell you what your AFR's are, but you'll still need a way to tune them.

If you plan mods down the line or get a smaller pulley and custom tune then its a very good idea to have one installed.

On my Redline I had a 2.7" pulley, header, catless downpipe, 60lb injectors and a custom tune with HP tuners by a local guy. It ran hard and lasted about 6 months before it cracked a piston ring land. I think it may have been running lean in spots and having a wideband setup could have saved me about $1000 and weeks worth of tearing out the engine and installing the new replacement.

On a modified engine its definitely worth its weight in gold and peace of mind.
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