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Default keep it simple

The only thing I changed to my Saturn was the floor mats. I got rubber instead of fabric because I knew that in the winter it would get very dirty. I did not upgrade the stereo because I have an mp3 player. I did not get GPS because I like using my laptop, which can be tricky sometimes. I have to pull over to type so I don't get in an accident.

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Default I'm with you

I think it's really awesome when other people do all the mods and love seeing the pictures and videos they post but for me I usually stick to the basics. I do tend to upgrade the audio, though, unless I like the system that comes with whatever car I get. I have seen enough pictures here that have made me consider having some modifications done for me.
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The only thing we'd really like to get is a laptop stand like law enforcement has for our laptop when we're on trips or at work. We are thinking about changing out the radio, but not by much. I'd rather play with the parts that make it run better then body kits or expensive rims.
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I think that GPS has a place honestly-it is advanced enough now that you can buy a decent unit and work it all by voice command. No needing to pull over at all, and it talks back to you as well.
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Old 11-24-2009, 02:09 PM   #5
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i find the suspension unpredictable at times, it feels like it wants the break loose if i go over rough road in a turn, even at pedestrian speeds. therefore, i will probably mess with the suspension a little bit, some gr2s and lowering springs to start.
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ok keep it simple
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