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I must be an old foogie then, but you know how certain hatchbacks and mini SUV's have the part in the back that is a slide cover to hide all your junk in? I love those! I was in a wreck years ago and when it happened the person who owned the car (also the driver) had 2 phone books in the backseat with me, and things that fly during a wreck worry me, so I love those covers.

I do like the idea of it being sporty, but whatever I end up getting really needs to have comfy seating as my back is messed up for life, and besides price and gas milage, thats my biggest concern. The GPS and stereo is least of my worries.

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I LOVE having extra storage space in vehicles, and I cannot even count how many times I have found it to be useful in the past for me. For that reason, I will always have a soft spot for hatchback's and station wagon's. That's why it never bothered me when other people tried to label a hatchback as "uncool" because I knew how useful they were
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Default Astra History

Production for the Astra started in 1991.
The Saturn Astra (intended to replace the Saturnn Ion) is called the Opel Astra in Europe because Opel makes it.
Here are some pictures of the 2009 Astra:

Saturn hopes to sell 30 to 40 thousand Astras a year in the United States.
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OMG it's an Opel ........ who knew
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