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AnArCh1st SL1M
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Default SC2 Sub and Amp Install

Hey all I just want to know of the way others have installed there boom in there trunk. I use to mount the amps to the box but now I don't have room on this new box for these components. So, if you all that have any suggestions. I would like to consider them.

I thought of already mounting stuff on the back seat or even in the spare tire area since I have it out and damped it but just don't know how to go about this. As for plexy glass w/ venting holes I assume or some thing like that so the power won't get hot nor wet from them car washes. I just need ideas before this weekend. Please, help I am using a dual 12" ported amend pro box and I am not looking to compete. I am updating my boom thats all. I have my car tore apart as of now since I didn't have everything I needed till I found out my 0 awg to 4 awg block weren't going to work and that was 5:30pm on a Sat. so yeah local audio stores closed till Mon...back to work as well.

I would like ideas since I really am just trying to avoid another Aprils fools weekend?

pics would help to

Thanks, guys I appreciate it but the young lady won't.

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