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Default Front end vibration when in drive or reverse only

Hi Everyone

I have a 2006 Ion and have had this issue for almost a year. I have a loud (you can hear it inside and outside of the car) vibration when the car is idling in either drive or reverse - it goes away when the car moves or I put it in neutral or park. The vibration also comes and's not constant which is what is causing the problem for my technician.

When I took it to the dealer the first time, they said it was the steering column and replaced that (under warranty) I drove it away...problem still existed.

I had it in the dealership yesterday - transmission fluid change, new front rotors & brake pads, engine clean, cabin air filter change and 4 new tires (to be installed tomorrow) $1,700 later...I drove it away and it purred like a kitten...until this afternoon when I put the car in reverse and there it was...the vibration...not as loud, but still there.

Other forums say it could be the air filter box or hood mounts. They told me the tires I have on the car (less than a year old - Goodyear Allegra btw) are "crap"...hence the new tires...could that be causing the vibration? I don't argue that the tires are bad...that has been a whole other issue for me.

Any help is appreciated!

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Default Update

Just thought I'd update on this problem....

It turned out to be the hood of my car. The rubber stops (for lack of a better word, they may be the hood mounts??) needed to be adjusted. We just twisted them (like a screw) to give them height...then the problem stopped. It's always the simple fixes that are the hardest to find...
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Thanks for the update.
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