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Default Stereo wiring harness

My wife and I bought a 97' SC2. We just needed something cheap but dependable for a little while, not expecting a new car. It's in pretty good condition except we don't like the flat black hood, trunk lid and wheels. Kid stuff and we are not kids anymore. I can fix all that and have begun to return the car to original condition. The previous owner installed some kind of super stereo with a sub woofer mounted in the trunk but it was all removed when we bought the car. I really don't care about that stuff except who ever installed it didn't know what they were doing and cut the wires to the stereo at the plug and didn't even leave enough wire to put it back together. I took the stereo out and have unplugged and removed the wiring harness back to the closest plugs, I plan on heading down to a pick and pull yard in my area soon to see if I can find the corresponding wiring harness that I need. My question is, do I have to look only at SC2's or will most any Saturn have the harness I am after? f I am hoping not to waste all day pulling dash after dash apart only to find the wrong harness.

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No u can look at all stereo series harness. Theyll all the same.
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you can get an after-market replacement plug for the factory radio by using the Vehicle fit guide at
E.C wuz here
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