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Default SL1 Turbo or supercharger possible?

I want to turbo or supercharge my 99 SL1 without swapping to the DOHC. Has anyoe done it? Is it expensive? Whats your setup?

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Done it? yes. To a SOHC? Sure has, and every person who I've talked to says it's a complete waste of money, let alone time. The gains are minimal at best. There's a reason S-series owners turbo DOHCs.

But by all means. It's your car. Turbo the heck out of that thing. Go get a piggyback unit for fuel and spark control, a wideband O2, a bigger exhaust, blow off valve, boost controller, and the turbo. the hard part is gonna be the turbo manifold. Don't know if there is even one available for the SOHC. Gonna need to get upgraded piston rods if you wanna go with any boost over 6 psi, which will only net about 20-30hp on SOHC turbo setup. with that little bit a of power you'll get that by swapping to a DOHC.

That's about the jist of it. For more info head over to Saturnfans forums or Those are the best places for info.
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