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Hello. I've been culling through many forums on the subject of my Saturn 2001 sl1. The major symptom was and has existed for 3 years now. Along the way I found other issues which have slowly been addressed. The major symptom was a big loss in power--at some point my Saturn's gas pedal began to sink in each gear and the RPM's shot up with no noticeably faster acceleration. I feather the gas pedal to get up to speed. Which takes a while. First it was the clutch (which needed to be replaced) and I (with very limited experience) thought that would help the problem. It didn't. I just pulled out my EGR and cleaned it out with choke cleaner--it was carbed shut when I got to it. Another necessary repair but still hasn't fixed the problem of very slow acceleration/high rpm spike. Car coincidentally needed a new battery, check. Did the spark plugs for the hell of it. They really didnt need it too much but it was worth it.

After the clutch was replaced my car almost immediately came back with a click-click-click-click-ect. noise. It sounds like an 86 Mercedes diesel engine--but quieter.

I'm planning on cleaning the O2 sensor, knocking the CATCON by the engine to listen for debris.

A few questions: would my coolant temp sensor be worth replacing? when would an O2 sensor need replacing? how long do EGR valves usually last and would it be worth it to replace even though i cleaned and loosened the spintle pretty well? Lastly, I put my head down under the engine while it was running and after talking to my father about the sound and I'm guessing that the clutch job loosened or created a crack by the catcon and that that is what the clacking rhythm is from. The catcon and muffler have fallen off the bracket that holds them on a number of times over the years.

I know thats a lot but i figure more details are better than none.

to summarize: clicking rhythm, low acceleration/high rpms, and code P0404

thank you.

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