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GM Beast
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Question dohc conversion

Hello all. New member here. I,ve got my hands on a 95 SL1, around 170,000mi.. Bare minimum, it needs a fresh bore/hone/over-sized rings, deck and head resurfaced, and probably new valve guides and seals. She runs decent, but not much power(bad rings and compression).
A friend of a friend converted his 99? SL1 to a Dohc. Said it was pretty easy. I know the pistons are different(depth of dish and valve reliefs), but I don't know if he swapped pistons, and I can't reach him.
So, my biggest question is, will i get valve/piston slap if i use the single cam piston with the double head, or will it just perform bad from low compression?
Half of me says, save the money, but the other half says, you have the motor apart, might as well go with the Dohc pistons.
I almost forgot. Are the ECU's interchangeable? Sohc to Dohc with same wiring harness?
Any help, would be greatly appreciated. Ty for your time.
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I just recently did a swap on my 99 SL1 to a DOHC. There's more work in converting a SOHC to DOHC if your just planning on doing a head swap. New timing cover, cylinder head, valve cover, timing set. Better to get a donor DOHC and do a rebuild on that.

To get back to your original question, you can use the SOHC pistons in the DOHC motor it'll just run on lower compression. Good for better gas mileage. That's about it. Lose a bit a power in the proccess. That's the worst of it.

The wire harness is plug and play pretty much. Computer plugs right in. You'll need the comp for that style motor and if it's manual or auto.
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You can convert a SOHC shortblock (block, pistons, rods, crank, tie plate, oil pan, pickup etc) to DOHC. You will get a slightly decreased compression ratio, and you will need to swap the following items.

Timing Chain Cover
Timing chain set (recommend buying a new timing chain set, chain, tensioner, guides, and gears)
Valve Cover
Head (Complete head, cams etc)
Intake Manifold
Exhaust Manifold.

Now I am not 100% on the rest as it has been a few years but I do believe the fuel rail, throttle body, and pcm are gonna need to be swapped as well.

Yes you will loose a few horses vs a full swap, but its not worth the cost of a new block unless you get a good deal on the entire engine.
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A one year old post by a person that made one single post. Think he's still around?
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dohc pistons, head swap, sohc 2 dohc, sohc pistons

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