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Default little car has issues

Just wanted to say hello, and I am interested to get some "good" advice on issues with my little car
its a 1997 Saturn SL
with 158,000 miles
it starts "spuddering" on acceleration, and on the in 4th/5th gears. its weird because it still gets 40MPG.
It has a code P0420 code, and from reading on here, it looks like its the catalytic converter. but first I need to figure out why its clogged. i know about 6 months ago, it was missing, and i ended up changing (1) of my coils
and about 1 month ago, i replaced the other one. so I (think) ithats not the problem. but I will shut up and listen for a direction to go, instead of "blindly" wandering around.
awaiting ANY advice

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I know it sounds simple, but I wonder if you just have water in the tank. My wife's van was having similar issues and after two bottles of ISO HEET and a full tank of fresh fuel, all was well. Just throwing that idea out there. I hope you have already found and corrected the problem.
Southern Gardner
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