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its sumpin wit a relay. there HAS been someone that has previously dione the mod....cant remember who tho and they kept blowin the relay

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This is what you're typing about: Headlight Mod for $1

Want to do the 4 High mod for $1 ? I did, and I found a way to do it and
any combo of light changes.

Go to Radio Shack and get a 12Volt Diode Part Number 1N4004.

And then look under your dash and you will see three 24 pin plugs under your steering column.

The 24 pin plug on the left is the one you want.
After you remove the access cover to see, you find the pins you need.
I look at them like this, (view attachment) the top row starting on
the left is T1 and the last pin to the right is T12.

The bottom row at the right is B1 and the far right one is B12.

Got it? OK so T1 is the High Beam signal (blk wht) the DRLs (daytime running lights)

were T4 (grn blk) the Low beams were B4 (pink) and the fogs were B5 (grn wht).

The way this works is you trigger the lights with relays using reverse polarity.

So if you want to trigger the lows when the highs came on you would put the diode

in between T1 and B4, with the bar on the diode towards the T1. And so when you turn

on your highs the lows come on too. But when you just turn on the lows only the lows

come on.

The other mod that I did was to have my DRLs trigger my Fog lights.

So i put the diode in between T4 and B5. So when my DRLs came on anytime

they would trigger my fogs to come on as well. But I don't like the way

the DRLs look, so i put in burnt bulbs, so the DRL system only triggers the fogs.

The easiest was to put in the Diodes is just put them in the plug with the

pins on the wire side. You dont have to unplug the plug. Just push the diode

in next to the wire with some needle nose pliers or something. Make sure they

stay in there good too. I will take some pics tonight and post them to show

you what I mean.

This was done on my 2004 Silverado, This may not work for you but I'm thinking

it will work for the 03 and up trucks.

A way to find the pin you need is using a meter on the dc voltage setting have

one probe to gnd and the other to the desired pin, if the light is off you should

read 11-14 volts, and when you turn it on it should read almost 0 volts.

Some lights need to have it in gear on key to the run position to work.

I found it at...

Headlight Mod for $1 - Forums
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Default Quad High Beam mod w/DRL & Fog Lights

All the 'How-Tos' I've found use 2 relays. Just did our '98 SW2 w/o disabling DRLs using a single 30 amp relay thusly:

Relay harness
Red - 85, Fused (5A) live; tapped fr UHFB
Green - 86, Hi beam ground (pink)
Blue - 87, Low beam ground (blue)
Black - 30, Chassis ground
Yellow - 87b, Redundant, taped & set aside

All connections were soldered & heatshrinked.

Hi beam ground signals relay engagement, relay connects blue low beam ground to chassis ground, both high & low beams are on. Works great! DRLs work as before; fog lamps same (avail w/ park lamps & low beam; auto off on hi beam). To disable mod just unplug relay.
'97 SL1 (wife); '98 SW2 (me)
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