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Default HELP! Tension strut or front stabilizer bar question

Posted Sunday 8/29

Hello, my niece had an accident (she hit a curb, HARD) with her 2001 SC2. The front passenger wheel and tire are shot. However, that's not the problem. I need a source for the front Tension Strut (or front stabilizer) that spans the front suspension and connects to the lower control arms on each side. The one on the car was BENT from the hit.
Additionally, this thing seems to be a pain to remove. There are only four bolts, but the ends of the item pass through bushings on the control arms. Any information or assistance with this would be most appreciated!


Jerry aka

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Hey man- welcome to the spot- im gunna move this to a more appropriate forum but ill leave it shadowed here as well.. You should contact Joey @ 6th planet auto-- theres usually a banner up top of the spot- dunno the email off the top of my head. he can definately hook you up.
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Default Re: [b]HELP! Tension strut or front stabilizer bar question[

Are you sure that's the only thing that was bent?

Your whole subframe could be damaged too.
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Default [b]HELP! Tension strut or front stabilizer bar question[/b]

Yep - subframe (or engine cradle) did suffer a mild ding, but it's damaged, nonetheless. I contacted the Saturn salvage parts advertiser that's a sponsor to this website (Melissa & Joe), and they gave me a good price on the parts that I need. I'll be ordering from them tomorrow.

In the meantime I was able to shift the tension strut (why does Haynes call it that?) or front stabilizer over a little so the car is driveable; there was dameage, but nothing was cracked or torn.
Unfortunately, for the moment I've had to mount the Blizzaks (winter tires) all around - quite squirrely in summer heat, even pumped up. I have new RE950s and alloys ordered from Tirerack that should be here in a couple of days.

I hope the removal and replacement of the engine cradle isn't too much of a hassle; I will only have a weekend to do the job.

If anyone has any tips on the best way to go about it, including a good jacking point for the engine that wont CRACK or break anything, I'd appreciate the advice.
I have tools and a Haynes manual, but little Saturn knowledge.
I'm a Miataphile, and do virtually everything for my 1995 car.
My niece loves her Saturn, I bought if for her new, and we hope to keep it running for a long time.
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Have fun with the cradle. If you have the tools and knowledge, it won’t be that bad. The 2 main things that I can remember were in the way of mine was the exhaust down pipe and power steering rack. Then you have the lower control arms attached to it along with the lower tranny mount and lower engine mount. But I can’t stress enough, MAKE SURE THE FRAME IS STRAIGHT! I tried to replace mine only to find out that the frame was bent just slightly so the new cradle wouldn’t go in. Also, your best bet is to support the engine from the top, otherwise if you have a jack holding it up and drop the cradle around the jack, how are you going to get the new cradle in there

Next up, the stabilizer bar. Have fun with that too. The FSM says to put the new one in you put a side in the knuckle, then remove the other knuckle and swing it into place. We tried that, 3 guys pushing on it wouldn’t torque it enough to get it in there. We ended up using a ratchet strap used for strapping things to trucks to compress it. After some trial and error we got it back in there, but that strap was TIGHT.

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Sorry to hear about the accident and good luck on fixing it. Oh yeah, you can't use BB code in title headings....
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Thanks for the advice. I intend to rent an overhead hoist as I think that will make the job easier.
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do I buy a used one or straighten the bent one
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Welcome to the forum.
Please stop by the New Member section to introduce yourself.

And to answer your question, buy a used one.
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+1 used ---you have no idea (reference) as to what to bend it back TO (other than the other end), and if it's bent out of plane (bent laterally and horizontally), your chances are none to none
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