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Default 02 L200 AC controls

For a while the Air conditioner would only work on the first 3 fan speeds, the compressor turned off when fan speed was set to 4
Now it doesn't work at all
when you push the AC button the light above it turns on while you are pushing it but wont stay on.
The compressor never activates

I had the system charged and the shop said its probably electrical
I'm looking for advice and possibly a wiring diagram for "in the dash" to see which wires I can jumper to trouble shoot

any other thoughts

Thanks in advance

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Hey Rich,
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Sounds like the pressure sensor may be bad, or if it is sending a low signal, it will disable the compressor.
Did you try scanning it for pending codes?
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My guess is one of two things, or maybe both.

1) If you are low on refrigerant, the low pressure limit switch will open the circuit, preventing the A/C clutch from getting energized. This is to protect the A/C system which can be damaged by running with too little refrigerant + oil in the system. Or, limit switch could be defective. If you jumper it and the clutch engages, then you know you are more likely than not low on refrigerant.

I would do a loan a tool from Autozone for a set of AC gauges, measure the high and low side pressures, post them, and we'll go from there.

2) All of the blower motor speeds are controlled via the blower motor resistor pack, which contains different resistances to current flow for each blower setting to create different blower speeds. The max speed, however, is usually relay activated and, when set on 4, the relay is triggered and a 12V signal with no resistor in the resistor pack is fed directly to the blower motor via a triggered relay. This can draw sizeable current and on most cars is fused separately.

If the blower motor and the blower motor resistor pack encounter an obstructed airflow path (dirty clogged cabin air filter, etc), the blower motor has to work harder to do it's requested job. Also, since the airflow generated by the blower motor is used to cool the blower motor resistor pack, insufficient airflow may cause damage to the blower motor resistor pack.

I would search for any type of BLWR MTR fuse -- I think you have probably blown the fuse for the #4 setting. If so, then the question becomes why. Airflow restriction should be considered.
The other scenario is a melted connector/connection terminal for that 12V signal near the blower motor resistor --it has melted from the heat generated by the high currents running through it and now is open circuit. Again, if this is the case, airflow restriction should be considred
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l200 ac electrical

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