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Default has gas, has spark, won't start

I have a 2001 which if I can get running I can put on the road. Car was given to me and now here is the problem.

I can hear the fuel pump kick in when I turn ignition so I'm pretty sure it's getting fuel. I even opened the fuel rail and saw gas sitting there.

Pulled the coil assembly out and checked the spark on each of the extenders to the plugs, getting a little red spark, and one of them bit me, wasn't holding the pliers properly and jolt was a good one, so I figure the coils is ok.

I removed the battery connections, let it sit an hour and re-connected and allowed the car to reset, still won't start, and now I'm stumped...

Any suggestions would be helpful as I need to get the car running so I can get back and forth to work.



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Thanks for signing up, Ben.

Did you check to make sure the plugs are still good?
Did you check the battery?
Is it making any sort of sound while trying to start it?
Did you check for any loose ground?
How long has the vehicle been sitting? might have bad gas.
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test for spark at the plug; you'd be surprised how bad wires can attenuate an electrical charge.

If you were able to see sparks at the coil towers then the engine must crank over.

Try a LITTLE starting fluid right into the throttle body. STAND BACK in case it backfires and sends flames out the TB. If it runs for a few seconds and stalls, then great sign.

Was it given to you running? How long ago?
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