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Default 2002 SL2 lost reverse and slow to shift from 1 to 2.


Problem started today. I noticed that on acceleration when my car shifted from first to second gear (automatic 167K miles) there was a lag and this is now consistent. Shifting from 2nd gear up is fine.

Got a little worse. On takeoff when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear, the lag is there and a sound of a slipping metal to metal contact. Then I got a SES P0732 code.

During the above affects, reverse was not kicking in until I gave it some gas. After a couple of hours, reverse no longer engages. I'm now parking where I can pull straight out.

Checked the transmission fluid, was a wee under level so I put in about 1/3 quart. Looks clean, pink don't stink. I bought the car last May 2015.

Before I start looking for another set of cheap wheels, any suggestions? I'm hoping maybe easy to replace servos or something.


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P0732 usually means input shaft nut has worked loose.

Remedy--replace input shaft nut with new one and torque to spec (impt)

Other shifting issues are usually the result of bad solenoids in the transmission's valve body.

Both can be accessed, diagnosed and repaired/replaced without disassembly of the transmission.

There are numerous posts all over multiple Saturn forums explaining how to access, test, and replace what's needed.

Pretty much EVERY S series Auto Tranny, if it lives long enough, will experience exactly these symptoms. Just a matter of when

Rebuilt valvebodies can be had for reasonable $$ on ebay.
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Just a followup. Yesterday I pulled the transmission cover and my input shaft nut was loose as a goose. I was able to spin it off by hand only. Cleaned / sponged up the tranny fluid put on some locktite reinstalled the nut all is fine now!

Just a note. I decided to knock out my ball joint because i just got my car aligned.

Also I pulled out the two subframe bolts and the tranny dropped a couple more inches which gave me plenty of room.

Started at 5pm was done by 7:30. Was pretty easy job.

Thanks for the advice!
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