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Originally Posted by shaker_op View Post
WOW....Please forgive me for just skimming over the first few posts. Rest assured, in the future I will be much more diligent with my reading comprehension before I post a suggestion. Thank you for all your kind words derfderf and John. I wish both you the best of luck on all your future endeavors.

By the way, the handle "shaker' comes from the type of furniture I make.
Don't mind derf. He is just old and cranky. Lmao

It happens. We all do it from time to time.

You'll learn not to take us so seriously, were just here to have a good time and enjoy our Saturns.

Billy, Louisiana
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Aww cmon we're just funnin' with ya cause ya didn't read all the way through...
I am extremely jealous of any woodworker with talent, as I am devoid of that in the woodworking arena.

Do you sell any of your pieces online?

Please post a link if you do.
(No I'm not gonna make fun of it -- I'm being serious for once)

Like Goalie said, you're always welcome here.
Consider yourself hazed, I guess. Didn't set out to, just turned out that way
97 SC2 ~253K

95 SC2 ~235K +/running-- "All in the Family"
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