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Well, the main cat was definitely plugged, but I'm not sure that it was the pre-cat that did it. The only reason I say that is because I looked at the pre-cat myself, and even compared it to a new one, and the filter material was still intact.

I don't know what else could've cause the cat to get plugged? I just don't know much about catalytic converters -- I stick to plugs and wires and belts. Haha.

2000 Saturn SC2
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If the honeycomb material in the precat was still looking ok then you should have no problems.
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hello im new here
I have a 1997 Saturn SC1 and have replaced the plugs,wires,02 sensor and crank sensor and still get the random misfire code and I can not get it smogged. I have cleaned the EGR valve and still get the code. Can anyone recommend the cheapest route to go to try and see what is wrong?
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Originally Posted by mmoore181 View Post
Hey all, new to the board. Just bought a used 2000 Saturn SC2, manual transmission. It ran great for the first few weeks, but now I am having problems with misfiring.

I ran an OBD II scan and came back with P0300, which is a general/random misfire. The code was pending (whatever that means?).

The problem is this: at highway speeds (usually in 4th or 5th gear), the car will studder and misfire under a light load. If I take my foot completely off the gas, the problem goes away. If I floor it, the problem goes away. Only when I apply a little pressure to the gas pedal does the misfiring occur. Some days are better than others.

Since I bought this thing used, I don't really know when it had its last tune-up, etc. I replaced the air filter, which was really dirty, so it might've been a while since the previous owner tuned it up.

Before I take it into the shop or do some home repairs, I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice. Anything is greatly appreciated.
Hey this might help, the other day I was working on my Mom's car and she needed it ASAP so I threw things together. I forgot to plug in the upstream O2 sensor, she started the car for about 30 seconds when I remembered and came back out stopped her from leaving and plugged together the sensor. Later I did a scan using a Innova 3140b and got the P0300 error.
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