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Default which one

ok, since my system is about 3/4 done the only this it is missing is a a alpine pdx 1000 ( i went with pdx over us amps because of having a problem getting the amp{ took over a month to get the md22 which wound up having fryed outputs so i got my moneyback} anyway. i am looking for a touch screento as my head unit. and i am debating over the pioneer avh7600dvd or the alpine ivad310 or IVA-D105 or clarion vrx765dvd feature wise they have what i want but the only thing is i wished the iva d310 and IVA-D105 had more preout volts. nd both are priced around the same. so i need help choosing

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+1 for Pioneer. But coming from me, could you expect anything else?

In all honesty, Pioneer, Alpine, and Clarion make some fine decks, you couldn't go wrong with any of them.
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