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im aware of the diff between the 2, but when my system is over draining the alt, it would take longer to drain the batt to the point of losing power from the engine.

I will deff get the high output alt, and jst put one Optima in the trunk.

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right now it might sound like overkill but remeber this at idle ho alt put out half of there max so a 200 amp alt puts out just 100 amps at idle. and no a 200 amp will not effect anything.
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Yea southpole is correct, at idle and bumping the lights still dim but if i rev it to like 2000 or a bit higher and keep it steady the alt turns out its 200 amps and runs like a champ.

I have always had 15s in my car, i just love the lows they can produce. I have two Audiopipe TXX-AP15RDs in a 6.5 cubic foot duel chambered box. I flat out love them, sound amazing, hit super low, and are some of the best looking woofers I have owned, the candy red is simply stunning. I wish i could reverse mount them to show off the basket. They will handle tons of power and are not expensive at all. The box is 3/4 MDF with poly fiber lining the walls and put together with screws and liquid nail.
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