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Craig: Saturn of Tempe has aboout 10 2003 L-Cars on the back lot. Tell ya the truth I like em better than the first rendition. They dont look as mild mannered. I like the grille treatment. I think it's as cool as a LongIslandIceTea.

Project & Joey: The white SW2 is the third of my Saturn wagons. First being a 93 MedRed SW2m. Gave it to my Daughter with 219K on the clock. Looked and ran like new. Second was my 98 Gold SW2m. I bought it used a few months ago. Long story as to why so I'll not get into that other than it was in perfect condition. Sold it to my X a few days ago. Mt son had a set of wheels he had on his 91 CRXsi. He put those on it the night it left here. He just got out of the Marines and is living at his mothers house. He said he put the wheels on it for her. I say he did for himself as he has been driving it. He has a 2002 Z-24 2.4L 5-speed sedan. He says the wagon will out handle it. We could have told him that, LOL........

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Nice to see a lot of old faces from Satfan, XS, and SS. Joey I'm glad you found a new home, I was hoping you would pop up here sooner or later. Haven't checked here in a little bit and bam there you were.

SW2CAM, do you know if Saturn of Tempe is going to have their big gathering again?

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tom, nice to hear from you too! glad you could make it as well, there will be lots of new and old faces as we build this board,I can see 1000 members this year conservitiveley alone.
I just walked in from all day on the road, went down to the keys to give a friend a ride home (he owns the BEST seafoood restaraunt in the keys, literally, hands down, like it was real hard to get me to give him a lift!)stayed down there for sat/sun and today, blew out, headed to lauderdale instead of home, pit stop then shot across alligator alley, covered, oh, i'd say, bout...275 miles, not anywhere new one of my highest mileage days but exhausting nonetheless.
ok saturn-ites, come together, right now....!lol, as the beatles said, we ARE coming togetether again!pretty neat seeing the years peel away hey guys?
gnight all, im WHUPPED!

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