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Default door plus tweeter plus another questions

ok, today my speakers showed up and i opened up the boxe to get a couple of ideas of how to mount the tweeter and i wanted to surface mount my rear speakers on top of my rear deck cover. and the tweeter is to big to go on the piller to big to go in the mirror cover thing. so i am going to put them in the door just before the door handle (not on the fabric) and i was wondering do i just use a drill to make a hole in the plastic or is there another way. and also how to mount my rear speakers on top of my rear deck cover.

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For the tweeter in the pillar, I'd probably use a hole saw that's been heated up. Should be able to slice through plastic pretty well without too much carnage. Just go with a slow advance and high RPM's.

Unsure about the deck cover though. It's only cardboard and fabric, so it should cut pretty easily.
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